The Well Told Tale

The Picture of Dorian Gray - Part 2 (of 10)

January 19, 2022 The Well Told Tale Season 1 Episode 104
The Well Told Tale
The Picture of Dorian Gray - Part 2 (of 10)
Show Notes

Last time, we met Lord Henry Wotton, a hedonistic aristocrat, and his friend Basil Hallward, an artist who is infatuated with his muse, Dorian Gray.  They discussed Dorian, a youth whose beauty has made a considerable impression on Basil, but he is reticent to let Lord Henry meet him, as he considers he might prove a corrupting influence on young Dorian.  However, Lord Henry is about to get his way, and the eponymous portrait of Dorian Gray is about to be completed...
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