The Well Told Tale

The Picture of Dorian Gray - Part 3 (of 10)

January 26, 2022 The Well Told Tale Season 1 Episode 105
The Well Told Tale
The Picture of Dorian Gray - Part 3 (of 10)
Show Notes

Last week, we saw the completion of Basil's portrait of Dorian Gray. Lord Henry Wotton has taken the impressionable youth under his wing, much to Basil's dismay.  Lord Henry was taken with the picture, which he mused had captured Dorian at the peak of his beauty, and opined on how unfortunate it was that the picture would stay perfect while Dorian himself degenerated with age, and not the other way around.  Leaving philosophical musings aside, Lord Henry has determined it's high time Dorian got a taste of everything debauched Victorian society can offer a young man...

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